Serial Abuse

It is unfortunately well known that there is a type of abuser who goes from one victim to the next. This describes childhood sex abuse (pedophilia), serial rapists, sex-trafficking, and workplace sexual harassment.

While the motivation for the abuse also stems from a combination sex and power, there is a difference between this and intimate partner violence (IPV) or domestic violence (DV). In contrast to the almost unseverable dis-ordered attachment in Intimate Partner Violence, there is a pattern in which victims are groomed or entrapped with premeditation and focus, abused, and then discarded as new victims are obtained. I have chosen to term this serial abuse. Because of somewhat different dynamics, in this discussion I will refer to the abused as victims, and the abusers as predators, which is particularly apt as the accruing new victims is always a large part of their focus. In recognizing serial abuse there are unique obstacles: